How you can help my Kickstarter without spending money


Doing any one of these ideas would increase the chances that the project reaches its funding goal.
Most of them are independent of whether you have pledged or not, so you can also do them if you’ve already pledged something.

Link to the Kickstarter project

1. Pledge $1.
Not only do all little pledges add up, but the *number* of backers is one thing that determines ranking on Kickstarter’s home page. Higher ranked projects receive more clicks and are therefore more likely to succeed. And people might be more willing to donate to a project with a large number of backers.
Note that Kickstarter won’t charge your credit card UNTIL the project succeeds, and ONLY IF it succeeds.
At the $1 pledge tier, you even get listed on my website and in the ebook as a supporter.

And hey, the ebook reward itself is only $5. That’s an amazing deal.

2. Share
If you haven’t already, you can share a link to the project (or to on Facebook, on other social media, on your blog, or through word of mouth.

If you know of a comic store or something with a bulletin board, ask them if you can hang up this poster:

Sharing is a great free way to help out a project. It increases the chances that someone new will pledge, it increases the chances that someone will do one of these free things, and it increases my Google ranking, especially if you hyperlink to the project from your own website.

Find something to retweet at
You can focus on the rewards (some of them are great deals!), or on the novelty of the format, or on the subject matter, or simply post a link to any one of my resources and let them work it out for themselves.

3. Networking
If you know someone who has a blog, publication, or social media account with followers who might be interested in this project (comics, scifi, virology, geek culture), put me in contact with them. This is mutually beneficial, because blogs need content for traffic, and Solon needs interested eyes.

I’d be happy to write a guest post or have someone do a guest post here.
Remember that the campaign ends on February 7th.

4. Ask questions
Hit up my Facebook, the comments section of my blog, the “Ask a Question” button on the Kickstarter project, or email

People will see the increase in activity, or they might learn something that tips them from apathetic to enthusiastic.
Remember that “Solon” isn’t just about action. It’s about geek culture, about art, and about SCIENCE!

A corollary to this is: Answer questions. If you’ve shared the project and someone wants to know more, you can help by connecting with that person or pointing them my way.

5. Connect your Facebook to Kickstarter.
You’ll see a notification whenever your friends back something interesting – and your friends will see that you support “Solon.”

6. Email the Kickstarter staff.
Kickstarter staff themselves recommend that people tweet or email them about projects they love.
You can show them this:
or talk about what the project might mean to you.

If Kickstarter decides to promote the Solon project as a staff pick, I should see a corresponding increase in hits.
7. Write a letter to your congressman.
Ok, this one probably wouldn’t work.


A big thank you to anyone, kin, friend, or stranger, who takes time out of their day to helpĀ make “Solon” a reality.

Author: Joey

I'm Joey Collard. During the day, I'm a field forester. As I'm climbing the gorgeous mountains of SW Virginia, I take inspiration from everything around me. My job takes me all over the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountains, from mountaintops to river mouths. I spend my time outdoors exploring or indoors building worlds for others to explore I have been writing in various genres since I was old enough to type. I spend a lot of time designing, organizing, and implementing games, adventure paths, and storytelling projects. I'm a very project-oriented person. I've been interested in comics and graphic novels for an equally long time, starting when I drew a weekly strip for my middle school newspaper. In college, I was a writing consultant for four years, helping other students polish fiction and academic writing alike.

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