Loot! Kickstarter reward details

I have a pretty diverse array of rewards lined up for SOLON’s Kickstarter.
As usual, if you pledge at a higher level, you get all the rewards for the tiers below it as well.

Let me start at the top.
At the $500 level, we have custom canvases by the Bridgeforths. Maybe I can get them to do a blog post in more detail later. (Thanks Thor and Annie for pledging at this level!)

bridgeforth design canvas 1

These have the potential to be really cool. First of all, they’re big. Brian is usually the one who makes these, and he draws them on a 24×36″ canvas. If you have one of these in your house, it is going to draw attention from across the room.

bridgeforth design canvas 2

It’s customizable (within reason). Brian will do you a detailed ink drawing with a subject of your choice. A single character works best, perhaps with a supporting detail or two. When backer surveys are sent out, you’ll have the opportunity to describe your dream poster and, if I know how the Bridgeforths work, I bet Brian and his wife Marie will put their heads together to decide exactly how to bring your vision to life in exquisite detail. If there is a character from the book you like, you can request that.

bridgeforth design canvas 3

These beautiful items retail for hundreds of dollars. I’m also throwing in FREE SHIPPING.

Next is the $200 level (Thanks, Kristine, for pledging at this level already!)
I’ll write you something if you pledge $200+. It can be anything, except I’m not going to write any smut, and I’m not going to do your homework for you. If you take my advice, you’ll ask me to write you something with a little bit of fantasy or mysticism in it, but I’m willing to try my hand at anything.
I’m promising at least 5000 words unless you want it to be shorter. I’ll write you in as a character in a fantasy adventure, I’ll write a guest post for your blog, I’ll make up some technobabble for your steampunk world. Naturally, you’ll have my permission to use the work however you see fit and it will belong exclusively to you.

I’m throwing in free shipping again – obviously this doesn’t apply to the writing I’ve promised, but it applies to all the physical rewards you earn at the $125, $75, $50, and $30 levels.

I’m excited about the $125 level.
Carolyn Solon, the protagonist, is a microbiologist. People are always lathering up with antibacterial soap after shaking her hand. In the novel, she pioneers (or –reawakens–http://news.softpedia.com/news/A-5-Million-Years-Old-Virus-Revived-39314.shtml–) a virus in the HERV group which transmutes bone calcium into her signature fiery superpower. It is studded with little mushroomlike spikes (these are broadly called “envelope glycoproteins” by microbio nerds) and has winglike membranes on the sides.

This is the reward for the $125 level, your very own handfelted unique Phoenix virus, happily gnawing on a bone. They are made by hand from a variety of wools, so each one will be different. I’m hoping to let backers choose their favorite one, but I’m not sure how it’ll work yet.

The viruses are super huggable and squishable. I’m cuddling mine right now as I write this. As of this time, the plushies do not grant you any superpowers – maybe a stretch goal?

These take a long time to make (with appropriate loving care), so I think I can only give them out to the first 20 backers of $125+.


At the $75 level, BDS will make you a custom sketch to your specifications. You can send a photo of yourself to get sketched, or describe a character you’ve created, or choose someone from SOLON, or pick a meaningful memory to be sketched.

These sketches are no bigger than 8.5 x 11 and are not polished and perfect like the $500 level, but I’ve seen Brian whip these up and they turn out really good.

Alternatively available: you can request one of our concept art pieces in place of a custom sketch.

$50 – we’re starting to get into the more typical rewards. For $50 you get a SOLON T-shirt, based on the awesome logo in my profile pic. It will be slightly simpler, of course, to meet the two-color restriction.

$30 – get the book! This is what we’re all really here for (or maybe that adorable plushie).

$5 – ebook. Simple enough; you’ll get a digital copy of the physical book. Since there’s no charge per page of ebook, I can include some extra goodies in the ebook : )

$1 – Every little bit helps. Really, it does. It increases the visibility of the project, helps draw another detail, covers little expenses that can really sneak up on a guy, and combines with other $1 pledges to solve bigger problems.

Each and every person who helps bring this project to life deserves recognition. I’ll make a special section on solonexperiment.com listing every single backer, no matter the magnitude of their pledge. I won’t make you use your real name if you prefer an alternative.

That just about covers it. If you have any questions, comment or send me an email or post on the KS page

If you have some other reward to suggest, drop me an email!

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