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Yesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for SOLON became available for viewing. You can click here to automatically subscribe to be notified when pledges go live. Alternatively, view the page. These links will not work once the campaign officially goes live, and rewards and stats are subject to change until then.

Our target for pledges to be live is January 4th, but the exact day will depend on how quickly the Kickstarter team approves the project.

Currently, I have 300 pages of prose writing polished, 35 pages of art storyboarded with stick figures, and 7 pages of artwork at publishable quality. Changes to the story will of course require changes to the artwork, but the quality you see in the posted example pages is the quality you’ll see in the book. Money from the Kickstarter campaign, if successful, will go towards illustrations (roughly 50%), publishing costs (around 30%), and rewards/kickstarter fees/shipping (< 20%).

My favorite KS reward:
Handfelted virus plushie

Further Resources:

If you want to know more about the plot, go here.
For more on this Kickstarter, view that page.
Artwork, click here.
Emailing me for any reason, use this email.
Bridgeforth Design Studio, http://www.bridgeforthdesignstudio.com/character.html.
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About This Blag:

So far, I envision three major categories for this blog.

I will post Progress updates on here whenever anything significant happens in development. This includes Kickstarter-related material.

I will post a feature called “Unit of the Week,” providing entertaining history about some obscure unit of measure. This is one of Carolyn Solon’s hobbies.

I’ve also created a “Solon Culture” category. These posts might contain geek culture, virology culture, or other interests of Carolyn Solon.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!